Gillian Brown – Principal investigator:

IMG_1022I am interested in all aspects of sex differences in behaviour, from how hormones during early life influence the developmental trajectory of female and male organisms, to how social and cultural factors influence sex differences in human cognition and behaviour, and how evolutionary theory can be used to understand sex differences.



Amy Hodgson (MSc(Res) student, 2017-18)

Thesis: The effect of adolescent ovarian hormones on anxiety-like behaviour, response to novelty and social behaviour in Norway rats. Amy is now a PhD student at the University of Cambridge.

Michael Emmerson (PhD student, 2013-17):

Thesis: Adolescent stress and social experiences: developmental antecedents of adult behavioural responses to unfamiliar stimuli and the underlying neuroendocrine mechanisms (co-supervised by Dr Karen Spencer). Michael is now a postdoc at Virginia Tech, USA.

Charlotte Brand (PhD student, 2013-16)

Thesis: Sex differences in social learning: exploring the links with risk aversion and confidence (co-supervised with Kate Cross). Lotty is currently a postdoctoral researcher in Dr Alex Mesoudi’s group at the University of Exeter.

Camille Duval (postdoc, 2013-14)

Camille was an independent research fellow at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), then worked at a centre for rural birds conservation (Villiers en Bois, France).

Sally Street (PhD student, 2010-14)

Thesis: Phylogenetic comparative investigations of sexual selection and cognitive evolution in primates (co-supervised with Kevin Laland). Sally took up a postdoc position at the University of Hull and is now a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology, Durham University.

Kyle Kulbarsh (MPhil student, 2012-14)

Thesis: The organisational effects of adolescent gonadal hormones on behavioural development in rats (co-supervised with Karen Spencer). Kyle subsequently worked in the pharmaceutical industry and is now studying for a medical degree in the USA.

Catherine (Kate) Cross (Postdoc, 2011-13)

Kate was a postdoc on a John Templeton Foundation grant and is now a Lecturer in the School of Psychology & Neuroscience, University of St Andrews.

Rachel Gluck (MPhil student, 2011-12)

Thesis: Sex differences in interpretation bias in human adolescents and young adults (co-supervised with Barbara Dritschel). Rachel is now a research coordinator at Emory University.

Debra Lynn (PhD student, 2007-11)

Thesis: Sex differences in anxiety during adolescence: evidence from rodents and human beings. Debra was a postdoctoral research in Psychology, Stirling University, and is now employed outside of academia.

De-Laine Cyrenne (PhD student, 2007-11)IMG_1333

Thesis: Developmental and sex differences in responses to novel objects: an exploration of animal models of sensation-seeking behaviour. De-Laine now has a faculty position at California State University, Sacramento, USA.