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Gillian Brown – Principal investigator:

IMG_1022I am interested in all aspects of sex differences in behaviour, from how hormones during early life influence the developmental trajectory of female and male organisms, to how social and cultural factors influence sex differences in human cognition and behaviour, and how evolutionary theory can be used to understand sex differences.

If you are interested in joining the research group as a postgraduate student or undergraduate student intern, please get in touch. The research group values diversity, supports inclusive practices and provides a welcoming environment for all.

Current group members

Csilla Pakozdy, PhD (2020-)

Former postgraduate research students and postdoctoral researchers

Tim Temizyürek, visiting Masters student (2020-2021)

Natalie Wareham, MSc by Research (2020-2021)

Kim Alexandersen, visiting researcher (2020)

Amy Hodgson, MSc by Research (2017-18)

Michael Emmerson, PhD (2013-17)

Lotty Brand, PhD (2013-16)

Camille Duval, postdoc (2013-14)

Kyle Kulbarsh, MPhil (2012-14)

Kate Cross, postdoc (2011-13)

Rachel Gluck, MPhil (2011-12)

Sally Street, PhD (2010-14)

De-Laine Cyrenne, PhD (2007-11)

Debra Lynn, PhD (2007-11)