Erratum in Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Unfortunately, in our TREE article (citation below), the Im:If values provided in Table 1 were incorrect. The correct formula was given in the notes that accompanied Table 1 (i.e., I = variance in RS divided by the square of mean  RS), but I gave the incorrect Im:If values (a silly mistake using excel – I divided variance in RS by mean RS*2). As the Im:If values were not used in any of the analyses, this error does not affect any of the results or conclusions of the article. The correct Im:If values are provided in the erratum, and all other values in the table are correct.

Brown, G. R., Laland, K. N. and Borgerhoff Mulder, M. 2009. Bateman’s principles and human sex roles. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 24: 297-304.

Original article:

Table 1 erratum: